“Who wants Ice Cream?” It’s July “National Ice Cream Month”

It is July, and thanks to former President Ronald Reagan’s proclamation in 1984, we the people of the United States are called to observe July “National Ice Cream Month” with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”  Happily, this is something that the majority of us can agree on as 90% of Americans regularly enjoy ice cream.  I hope you will choose to comply with this declaration and celebrate this wonderful treat and actively enjoy America’s love for Ice Cream.

Fun Fact to know:  California is the leading state producing over 142 million gallons of ice cream last year.

Recently, the California Milk Advisory Board (CAMB) did an interesting survey to find out where consumers find themselves enjoying ice cream, frozen yogurt and gelato.  The number one response, by over two-thirds, was either on the couch or in front of the TV (64%).   Here is a link to the interesting article, Scoop It Up For July Ice Cream Month: 90 Percent of Americans Eat Ice Cream Regularly – http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/scoop-it-up-for-july-ice-cream-month-90-percent-of-americans-eat-ice-cream-regularly-161419125.html

Recently, the California Milk Advisory Board (CAMB) posted a feature article which highlights fun facts to know about California Ice Cream production and July National Ice Cream Month.  Here is the link called “Scream able Ice Cream Treatshttp://www.realcaliforniamilk.com/features/ca-dairy/scream-able-ice-cream-treats/

And finally, thanks for your support in the Progressive Dairyman Flavor FaceOff 2012.  We made it!  “Sunnyside Moose Tracks” was chosen to represent the SouthWest in the regional finals for Flavor FaceOff 2012.    I would appreciate your continued support in the month of July, and ask you to VOTE for “Sunnyside Moose Tracks Ice Cream”.  You can vote once a week.  The voting opens early each Monday am.

Vote ~ Sunnyside Farms "MooseTracks"

Be sure to check out the website for CAMB @ http://www.realcaliforniamilk.com/

Here is the link for Week 1 – Flavor FaceOff 2012 http://bit.ly/2012FlavorFaceoffFinals_Week1

Here is the link for Week 2 Flavor Face Off 2012 http://bit.ly/2012FlavorFaceoffFinals_Week2

Thanks for your support and

Happy July National Ice Cream Month!

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June Dairy Month & Flavor Face Off


Well, I guess I must be pretty passionate about ice cream, because here I go again writing about an ice cream and a Flavor Face Off Contest.

Last year, Progressive Dairyman had a contest and I asked how to be a contestant.  After all, we keep a healthy supply of one of the best ice cream flavors at our house called “Sunnyside Farms ‘Moose Tracks’.  There are always at least two half gallons available at all times because you never know when you are going to have a group of teenagers come through or company and Moose Tracks ice cream is just the right dessert to serve a group of guests.

Back to the contest.  This year, I was invited to participate and choose what flavor ice cream to represent.  No question, it would be “Sunnyside Farms Denali ‘Original’ Moose Tracks Ice Cream.  This is a creamy churn style vanilla ice cream, with mini peanut butter cups swirled with famous ‘Moose Tracks’ Fudge.  The ice cream is serious deliciousness and the perfect treat for your friends and family.  Once you have tasted this flavor ice cream, you will be completely hooked for life. Then you will also agree it is one of the best all time flavors ever.  And after that you will go to the store and make sure you have a healthy supply of this ice cream for your family and friends.

Have I mentioned this is also a “Premium Light Ice Cream’?  You would never guess by the creamy churn style flavor, but yes, this ice cream is 1/2 the fat and has 25 % fewer calories than regular ice cream. So no guilt here when you scoop a dish each night of this delicious tasting ice cream.

So if you have a moment today, please check out the Week 3 Flavor Face Off competition and vote for me in the Southwest area to represent “Sunnyside Farms “Moose Tracks”.  Here is a link to follow:

Here is my response to the questions in the 2012 Flavor FaceOff:   http://bit.ly/2012FlavorFaceoff_Week3


1. Why did you select your flavor to represent in the 2012 Flavor Faceoff?

Sunnyside Farms Denali “Original” Moose Tracks is a family favorite because it offers a fantastic blend of chocolate flavors on top of the perfect dessert, vanilla ice cream.
They start off with a Creamy Churn Style Vanilla ice cream and add mini Peanut Butter cups swirled with famous “Moose Tracks” Fudge. It takes vanilla ice cream to a whole new level.

2. Why do you think you and your flavor should be the Flavor Faceoff champion?

Sunnyside Farms Moose Tracks is true deliciousness, combining vanilla ice cream, mini peanut butter cups, and real chocolate “Moose Tracks” fudge in one carton.  Sharing “Moose Tracks” ice cream with many teenagers, friends and family, once you’ve tasted this terrific ice cream flavor, you will be convinced it is sure to succeed as the favorite among family and guests as a rewarding ice cream treat.

3. What is your tie to the dairy industry? (Provide one to two sentences about your dairy operation and/or your career in the dairy industry.)

My husband and I, both 3rd generation dairy farmers, hope to give our children the same opportunities of hard work, ownership, and the ability to raise their children on a family dairy farm.  We are grateful for the heritage we have been given and consider it a blessing to continue on in the dairy industry.

4. Besides the Flavor Faceoff, what is your favorite June Dairy Month activity?

Another favorite June Dairy Month activity is promoting dairy products and recipes via FB and Twitter, especially during June Dairy Month.

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Celebrating Love and Ice Cream

My appreciation for a good ice cream cone developed when my husband and I started dating.  Whether it was a dinner out, a drive in movie, or baseball game, a good night ended with an ice cream cone.  Our favorite stops were Baskin Robins, Hagen Daaz, and Angel Stadium hot fudge sundae in a helmet. We have passed on this love of ice cream to our kids and laugh at what great lengths we will go to for a good ice cream cone.  

This July, we celebrated the wedding of our daughter to a wonderful young man.  They also enjoy good ice cream.  So we asked the wedding venue if they could come up with an Ice Cream Bar.  They had never offered this service before, but said they would look into it.   The owner was excited and bought an old fashioned ice cream freezer.  He had it repainted and they did a fabulous job of serving 3 ice cream flavors and toppings to all of our guests.  It was a success and they will probably offer the Ice Cream Bar in the future.

In honor of National Ice Cream Month, enjoy a good ice cream cone.  Better yet, take your sweetheart, family and friends out for a good ice cream cone.  It does a relationship good!

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